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About us

The Market place

Digilive AB is a private hold company, specialized in the go-to-market process for new products and brands.  We have extended experiance to work with high tech products in the early phase of product life cykle.


We move fast and look for cost effective methods to create buzz and awareness. Building brand values are in many cases a process that need investments in both time and money. It is important for us to have a mutual understanding with our partner about the strategy.

The geographical territory we do is Nordic countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. This part of Europe has sales channel with high integration and are suitable to treat as one common market. The population in Nordic area is about 27 milj people.

Business area

We love high tech, new tech, trendy tech , smart tech, and design, but most of all - quality and unique features.  If any of this exist, we like to take a look and maybe find a way to develope a mutual business.

Sales channel

Active promotion

The sales channel is eventually very important to success in every go-to-market project.  In todays competitive market it's a must to build a suitable sales channel and cost effectiv logistics.


Consumers in the Nordic market has adopted online sales as a natural way to do purchase for many different kind of items. We consider online sales as very important in almost every case. Nevertheless, with many years experiance from the business, we both have the network  and good experiance for off-line sales as well.

The most important part of our business is active promotion and marketing. Highly technical products in the beginning of product life cykle as well as buildning brands, need very active marketing.

Market-push is almost never the most suitable strategy for our projects. Thus we rather strive to create a market pull as a solid ground for the ramp up sales.


Todays consumer electronic market is caracterized by an excess in supply, therefor we believe our work is important.